Eye Injury and Urgent Care

It is extremely important to have any eye injury evaluated and treated immediately. Seemingly small eye injuries can often have big consequences if they are left untreated

The doctors at Siskiyou Eye Center are experts at evaluating and treating eye injuries. Never take a “wait and see” approach to an eye injury. Give us a call and we”ll get you in to see one of our doctors right away.


We provide urgent evaluation and treatment of all eye traumas including corneal abrasions, foreign bodies, lacerations, hyphema and bleeding or bruising. We will quickly and comfortably provide care and ensure all your questions and concerns have been addressed.

Urgent Care

No concern is too large or too small. We are available to urgently evaluate and treat a variety of conditions including eye pain, eye infections, corneal ulcers, uveitis, flashes & floaters, vision loss and ocular migraines. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.